Bristol Hospitality Network

Bristol Hospitality Network wanted to capture stories through lockdown, and so began recording some of the communication they were having with asylum seekers. This video is the result of one of those conversations. The member is housed via BHN’s Hosting Network, which consists of people who give a spare room to an asylum seeker for […]

Displacement by Betty

IRENE ELIZABETH – A veteran broadcaster and media consultant, I am a Filmmaker, Writer,, Public Speaker and Trainer, Community Interpreter and Advocate.


Lockdown Recovery BBQ

HopeTowns is a support group for refugees. It’s founder, Samer Mustafa, talks about how socially-distanced BBQs have been helping the HopeTowns community recover from their isolated time in the Covid-19 Lockdown.


Reflections from “T”

I came from a society where the social bond is so strong. so here in the UK, we have a community where we can share ideas and discuss many issues. This helps me forget about my past experiences (victim of torture and long imprisonment).


Safe Passage

During lockdown the Safe Passage and Hummingbird Young Leaders recorded a request for the British Prime Minister and Home Secretary to meet with them and discuss the importance of securing safe and legal routes for refugee children after the Brexit transition period. You can join their campaign at www.safepassage.org.uk

The Days Pass by ‘S’

This poem is written by ‘S’. He was accommodated at Napier Barracks until February 2021 when he was moved to alterative accommodation.

The Days Pass video

This poem is written by ‘S’. Originally from Yemen, ‘S’ was accommodated at Napier Barracks until February 2021 when he was moved to alterative accommodation.
’S’ created this video in January, to accompany his poem in the previous post.

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